• Full power wash of exterior prior to painting to remove mildew, dirt, debris and cobwebs

  • Scrape and sand any area's of loose or peeling paint on siding and trim

  • Replace any rotted or warped boards and trim (at owners request)

  • Hammer in any loose nails

  • Prime any areas of bare wood and prime any trim that was replaced

  • Fill any holes or cracks

  • Caulk all cracks and exposed joints with siliconized acrylic caulking

  • Mask off all windows and hardware, cover shrubs and walkways to protect from drips and overspray  ​​​


  • Move all large furniture items to center of room and cover

  • Remove all switch plates and outlet covers 

  • Vacuum baseboards and trim to remove dust prior to painting

  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and walls 

  • Put down drop cloths to protect floors

  • Pole sand all walls to remove debris 

  • Sand trim to remove surface imperfections and provide better adhesion for painting

  • Fill any nail holes or damaged areas with spackle or joint compound

  • Caulk any cracks in corners, joints or where trim meets the wall

  • Prime any bare wood or area's with heavy stains


  • Power wash to remove mildew and dirt

  • Nail down any loose boards​

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